Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamaat (Sunni) TV Channels Broadcasting in United Kingdom

In this Holy and Blessed Month of Ramadhan, every year it seems that more and more people are increasing the amount of time they try and stay away from English and Westernised Dramas/ Movies and attempt to watch Islamic TV channels. Unfortunately we are not all aware of how many of these “Islamic Channels” are safe to watch so we have done the hard work and researched all of them in depth to bring you reliable information on them.

These channels are strictly Sunni channels that promote the true faith of Islaam without disrespecting Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wa Tala or The Beloved Messenger Muhammad, RasulAllah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. They are not in any Particular order but of them all, the most compliant with Shariah (Law of Allah Azzawajal) is Number 1. One particular blessing of spreading the true message through these channels is that those people who became confused about their Aqeedah and starting listening to misguided Self Made Scholars are now recognising Haq (Truth) and so coming back to the Sirat ul Mustaqeem (Straight Path)

1. Madani Channel @ Sky 838 (No Females, No Advertisements, No Music, PURELY 100% ISLAMIC CHANNEL)

> ARY QTV @ Sky 804

> Ummah Channel @ Sky 828

> Noor TV @ Sky 819

> Takbeer TV @ Sky 845

> TV99 @ Sky 857

Those that are concerned about their families, children, relatives, friends being misguided and going astray wether it be towards sin or towards a misguided sect or religion, you should focus on trying to persuade those people to watch these Islamic channels and gain the blessings from them as much as possible.

Please note that all other channels that claim to be Islamic or Sunni or Muslim are to be avoided if you want to safeguard your own Imaan as it is better to stay safe then sorry. Also, you have a list of approved Sunni Channels to view so you do not need the misguidance from a few bad Aqeedah channels. May Allah Azzawajal give us all the towfiq to hold onto the rope of Allah and to follow the Sunnah of His beloved Messenger Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam…Ameen

Spiritual Guide

The best way to save yourself from confusion or contradiction is to choose an authentic spiritual guide who has an unbroken chain (isnad) of transmission of knowledge inherited from the most beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam.


Here is a strong group of Ulema from the Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamaat which each have an isnad (unbroken chain of transmission) going all the way back to the Holy Prophet of Islaam, Allah Azzawajals most beloved Rasul Allah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam so if you want to follow Haq (Truthhood) then choose somebody to follow from amongst these great personalities of Islaam;


of course there is many scholars around the world that you can choose to follow but these are amongst the most well known via internet, television, media etc. so you can access their knowledge very easily to benefit from them In Shaa Allah Azzawajal

Supreme status of the Prophet

It is the unanimous faith of the Muslim Ummah that the most dignified and revered being in the entire universe after Almighty Allah is our beloved Prophet. It is obvious that the one most dignified is also the most respected. Extreme love and respect of the Beloved Prophet is the foundation
of Iman and a slightest disrespect and minute rudeness to the beloved prophet is absolutely Kufar.
Almighty Allah Himself taught his people this level of respect and reverence.

Oh believers! Do not say Raa ‘inaa but say (Humbly) :
(Respected Sir) “Look upon us”.
And from very beginning listen carefully and for
disbelievers is a grievous punishment.



Islam is the only religion chosen by Almighty Allah. It is
comprised of three articles:

Aqaa ‘id (Beliefs)
Aa ‘maal (Actions)
Akhlaaq (Etiquettes)

Aqaa ‘id (Beliefs) are like the roots.
Aa’maal (Actions) are like trunks and branches.
Akhlaaq (Etiquettes) are like the flowers and fruits.

Can you imagine the existence of a trunk and branches without the root?

In this realism to even contemplate upon
the existence of fruits and flowers is too far fetched.

Behold strongly and make sure!

Actions and etiquettes without true and accurate beliefs are like dead bodies. Undoubtedly, dead bodies are not only
useless but can be fervently harmful.

All types of deeds such as

Salaah (prayer),
Zakaah (charity),
Siyaam (fasting),
Hajj (pilgrimage) etc, and
Akhlaaq like /film (forbearnig),
Sabar (patience),
Shukar (thankfulness) etc,

are unaccepted and rejected without true Aqaa’id (beliefs).

Verily, it is of the utmost importance to have true and accurate Aqaa’id (beliefs).

I would like to elaborate on one more fundamental point!
before I move on!


Aqaa’id is of two types:

1. Aqaa’id-E-Qat’iyyah (Definite Beliefs)

These are beliefs, which are based on authentic, definite and certain evidences of shari’ah.

One who denies them is definitely a kafir (unbeliever).

2. Aqaa’id-E-Zanniyyah (Indefinite Beliefs)

These are beliefs which are proved through indefinite evidences of shari’ah.

One who denies them is definitely a fasiq (transgressor)